Top Five iPad Tutorials for Novices

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Top Five iPad Tutorials for Novices

The iPad is one of the fastest selling tech sensations ever, so if you’re among the crowd of novice iPad users and have no clue how to do some things with your iPad, you’re not alone. The iPad has so many possible functions that even experienced tech nusers might need a tutorial here or there to learn how to use certain iPad functions. Wondering where you can get such tutorials? Here are the top five that can help you learn about the most popular functions of your iPad:

Top Five iPad Tutorials for Novices

1. Getting Started

Mashable has a great tutorial on how to get started that’s excellent for the absolute beginner. It walks you through how to activate your iPad through iTunes and how to synch apps, photos, music, and videos from your iTunes account. (Note: This can take a while if you have a big inventory!) The tutorial also talks about using iTunes to manage your iPad, and gives you tips on how to do basic things, such as set up push notifications, lock the display, and take screenshots of your iPad.

If you don’t already have an iTunes account, part of setting up your iPad will be setting up this account. In order to buy songs, apps, and more through iTunes, you’ll need to save your credit card information into your account. It can be a good idea to use a secure credit card rather than a debit card, since credit cards offer more fraud protection. If you don’t already have one to use, look at different offers and credit card rewards to pick out a card that has the best features for your needs. Even if you only use your credit card to run your iTunes account, it’s a good idea to make sure you’re getting one that suits your particular wants and needs.

Overall, this is a good place to begin if you’re completely new to the iPad, but it may be a little too basic if you’re already familiar with the similar Apple setup process of the iPhone or iPod Touch.

2. Extending You Battery Life

Many new users of the iPad find that they are so entranced with it – and use it for so many practical functions throughout the day – that the battery life becomes an issue. While the device does have fairly good battery life, you’ll want to take steps to extend it. This tutorial from  gives you all the tips and tricks you need to maximize the battery life of your iPad.

3. Read PDF Files on Your iPad

If you want to read PDF files on your iPad, whether they’re work-related or books that you’ve gotten just for fun, this tutorial from  can help you leran to use iBooks (which runs through iTunes) to add PDF files to your iPad. That way, you can read them on the go, wherever you are.

4. Connect to a Wireless Keyboard

If you plan to use your iPad for any extended typing or for work, you may want to learn to connect it to a wireless keyboard. The process isn’t that difficult, but some users do have trouble with it at first. If you’ve used your wireless keyboard with another Apple device, this tutorial from TUAW will be particularly helpful, since it talks about how to unhook the keyboard from the other device before you use it with your iPad.

5. Force Restart

Anyone who has spent time around Windows computers knows that pushing Control+Alt+Delete will force a restart when your application freezes, but how do you force quit or reboot when an application freezes on your iPad – as one inevitably will? This tutorial from will talk you through the ways to force reboot and quit apps on your iPad. It also includes information for the iPhone and iPod Touch!.

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