Tremseh Massacre Photos

Friday, July 27, 2012, 2:54 Latest News

Tremseh Massacre Photos

I guess the violence is Syria will not end until the Syria’s president, Bashar Assad, and his inner circle will not let go on their position, so far day by day the battle becomes bloody majority of the victims where civilians especially children, and now the U.N is investigating (just investigating and no actions) on a possible massacre again in a village, Tremseh Massacre,

103 to 152, including dozens of bodies buried in neighboring villages or burned beyond recognition were killed earlier this month in a Syrian village called Tremseh.  Civilians were mostly the  victims executed without any questions, the killing is said to have been done by the pro government Alawite militias in a Sunni village.

This are just reported killings, but it is estimated that there are more killings happenings in different parts of the country that is unreported.

See a photo below of the Tremseh Massacre

Tremseh Massacre PicturesTremseh Massacre Photo
photo credit: AP, (AP Photo/Hama Revolution 2011 via AP video) from and

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