Water Polo Wardrobe Malfunction Uncensored Photo

Thursday, August 2, 2012, 1:15 Latest News

By Jo Teach

Water Polo Wardrobe Malfunction Uncensored Photo

The London Olympics 2012 is really full of twist from drama to controversies, and waste of time games performed by some badminton players and stupid decision of the judges on fencing. And who can forget the controversial tweets of some players.

And now the photo and video of an Olympic game is flooding the net and as well as tweets of those who were able to witness the amazing feature of the Water Polo sport, even a user tweeted that “I never imagined that Water Polo is so erotic.”

The wardrobe malfunction happened when a bathing suit of a Spanish opponent, was accidentally pulled down far enough to reveal her nippl3.

This is not the only wardrobe malfunction that happened in London 2012 Olympic a wardrobe malfunction also happened at the women’s 48kg judo competition at ExCel Arena, again the cause is when an opponent grab the suit of its contender revealing the precious gem. See gutteruncensored for the photos. or for the Water Polo you can watch the video or photo mommysdirtylittlesecret website. warning NSFW.

The search for the uncensored photo of Water Polo Wardrobe Malfunction is on the hunt see the censored one below from Yahoo Sports

water-polo-wardrobe malfunction

Do you know where we can find one?


photo credit: news.yahoo.com

Water Polo Wardrobe Malfunction Uncensored Photo


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