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Below are some of the most important web directories where you can submit your website for free, some of the sites here ask for a reciprocal link, others do not either way they are still very crucial to the success of your site, giving you quality backlink most of the web directories below do have a good PR rank, so feel free to submit your site the list of web directories I compiled below.

They are arranged below in random order.The sites below most of it don’t require registration


    1. Featured Directory ExplorerFree No Reg, Reciprocal
    2. samyakonline.orgFree No Reg, Reciprocal
    3. linkdor.comFree,Reg, Reciprocal
  1. LS BlogsFree No Reg, Reciprocal
  2. Vehp DirectoryFree No Reg, Reciprocal
  3. Full GuideFree No Reg, Reciprocal/none
  4. No Reg, Reciprocal
  5. Free Web Directory, | SEO and FREE Web DirectoryFree No Reg, Reciprocal/none
  6. Seo Friendly DirectoryFree No Reg, Reciprocal/none
  7. No Reg, Reciprocal
  8. Babieca Search EngineFree No Reg, Reciprocal
  9. Free No Reg, Reciprocal
  10. Free No Reg
  11. http://www.recreationaddurl.comFree No Reg
  12. no Reg
  13. submit url
  15. Submit site – web site promotion – Directory
  16. YeKey
  17. Ranking Website Directory
  18. free web directory
  19. TXTlinks Directory
  20. The Living Link Web Directory
  21. Free search engine submission
  22. Directory Quality Web sites
  23. 9Site.Net
  24. Arakne-links
  25. SEO Executive
  26. Acoon Directory
  27. SEO Executive
  28. Linkroo – A better place for Backlinks | SEO Directory
  29. A List Sites
  30. Directory 4U
  31. Globe of Blogs
  33. BLOGPulse
  34. PLAZOO
  35. RedTram International
  36. Blogville
  37. PoweredbyWP
  38. Blog
  40. Web Directory
  48. DMEGS link directory




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