Windows 8 Features, Read the capabilities

Friday, September 16, 2011, 11:45 Windows 8

Windows 8 Features, Read the capabilities

Touch-first browsing – fast and fluid touch-browsing experience

Metro style – Metro style interface built for touch, which shows information important to you, embodies simplicity and gives you control.

Windows 8 screenshot

Windows 8 also is more connected with Apps, making more powerful and enjoyable to use

Powered by apps - Metro style apps built for Windows 8 are the focal point of your experience, filling your entire screen so there are no distractions

Your experience syncs across your devices - Live roams all the content from the cloud services you use most — photos, email, calendar and contacts — keeping them up-to-date on your devices.

Windows 8 features an enhanced Task Manager and Windows Explorer and new, flexible options for multimonitor setups.

For Developers Windows 8 also features several options for better integration of their apps

Windows Store – The Windows Store will allow developers to sell their apps anywhere Windows is sold worldwide, whether they’re creating new games or familiar productivity tools.

Build using more languages. Windows 8 lets you leverage your existing skills and code assets to create great experiences using the programming language you prefer.

Rich hardware integration DirectX 11 gaming power underlies Windows 8, allowing the easy creation of full-screen games with smooth, flicker-free action.

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