Windows 8 Security much better?

Sunday, September 18, 2011, 9:08 Windows 8

Windows 8 Security much better?

Maybe next year the next Operating system of Windows will be released, with that in mind most of the users are focusing on the looks of the new O.S rather than the security that Windows 8 can provide.

Nowadays more and more hackers are easily penetrating the system to get information regarding the users, breaching security in an unsecured O.S is much more pronounced these past few years, Making it more and more dangerous to go online, with the release of the new O.S of Microsoft this is going to be a big issue, a secured O.S is a must for users.

So what are the things that Microsoft team is doing to give more security to their new O.S?

Below are some improvements on the new operating system by Microsoft, dubbed Windows 8.

  • Threat modeling and security design reviews
  • Writing secure code
  • Penetration testing
  • Security code reviews
  • Security tools

Microsoft also improved its mitigations, they started this with Windows XP SP2 and now they added more improvement on the said system, one of the improvements is Windows heap a major redesign was applied to Windows 8 heap adds significant protection in the form of new integrity checks to help defend against many exploit techniques.

Much better Windows Defender, first line of defense for Malware attacks. But with all these securities, the only way that these improvements can be proven is when Windows 8 is already out in the market. Let’s see if Windows 8, wow us with its security.

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