Windows 8, what’s new? Take a first look

Friday, September 16, 2011, 8:11 Windows 8

 Windows 8, what’s new? Take a first look

Windows 8 is soon to be released; maybe first quarter of the year 2012, Microsoft already showed us a slight preview of the next operating system by Microsoft.

So what is new with Windows 8?  Microsoft decided to change the look of the new O.S (Windows 8) this is not quite pattern to the Windows family of operating system that we used to see and navigate, the new O.S has some major changes that will at first, overwhelmed you with the different look and feel of the O.S.

With the popularity of operating system for Tablet PC, somewhat Microsoft decided to pattern the interface and the navigation of the new O.S to its previous O.S that they used in tablet PC, this maybe is to gain more users, as Microsoft’s O.S multi-billion dollar industry is beginning to slip as tablet PC becomes trendier as PC sales fall.

Anyway its good news, it’s like a breath of fresh air, after using several O.S of Windows with the almost the same look and feel, now we can explore a new O.S that will give us new experience and push us to the next level of computing.

The next question is will the users accept it just like the previous O.S? Or users will just peak at it and ignore it?

See the new interface below of the new Operating system by Microsoft, Windows 8.

Windows 8 screenshot

Here is the new Windows start-up page, as you can see it is very much different from the interface of Windows 7preview-files-in-windows-8

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