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 Yolanda Pecoraro Biography

The divorce of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes is not yet over, still the battle is on going, and yet another issue surfaces, that may put Tom in a more tight situation, a model and an actress is rumored to be the next interest of Tom Cruise, the name of the model Yolanda Pecoraro, she is known to be a Scientology  member also just like Tom Cruise, with this seems like the chance of the two being a couple is not far fetch idea. But who is Yolanda Pecoraro? know more about her read  her biography below

yolanda pecoraro biography

Yolanda Pecoraro Biography

Name: Yolanda Pecoraro

Nickname  Yolie

Height   5′ 6½”

Date of Birth   28 February 1985, USA

Height: 5′ 6″

Occupation: Model and Actress

Website: http://www.yolandap.com

She is appeared in movies like The Ugly Truth, November 2nd, Death Tunnel she was born in New Jersey to an Italian father and a Nicaraguan mother She loves Hiking, Jogging, Kick Boxing, and Swimming, she is also a lover of Pilates and Yoga

photo source: www.hollywoodishere.com

Yolanda Pecoraro Biography

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