ZTE Grand S sports Worlds Thinnest Smarphone Specs

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ZTE Grand S sports Worlds Thinnest Smarphone Specs

ZTE will unveil its new smartphone in the coming CES 2013, but before that the leaked images and some specifications of the phone goes online unveiling a very thin phone, dubbed to be the worlds thinnest smartphone this 2013, the phone named ZTE Grand S sports is said to be just 6.9 mm thin, and its packaging is made from ceramic type of material but no detailed confirmation from the ZTE company,  below are some specifications of the upcoming phone from ZTE, although the information regarding the phone is very vivid we can see that it is somewhat ok when it comes to its specifications, see the specs below of the New ZTE Grand S Sports, Worlds Thinnest Smartphone.

Specs: ZTE Grand S sports Worlds Thinnest Cellphone

ZTE Grand S sports Worlds Thinnest Cellphone photo credit:weibo.com

HERE are the Specifications of ZTE Grand S Sports

Size: 5-inch, 1920×1080 pixel screen

Just 6.9mm Thin

Processor: 1.5 GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor

Memory and Power: 2GB of RAM, a 2,500 mAh battery

Camera: 13-megapixel camera

The cost of this new phone is about $499 Dollars

Lets see if this phone live to its expectation to be the world’s thinnest smartphone.

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